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Importance of recitation of the Quraan in Arabic.

Someone may ask what is the use of learning the meanings of Quraan? Well, though reciting the Holy Quraan is itself a meritorious deed, if one recites it knowing the meaning, it is an added virtue. He/she would see how the Lord of the worlds has conveyed the most difficult concepts in such a simple language and in a very simple manner. You donít have to be a philosopher to understand the apparent meaning of Quraan. Even the similes and comparisons used by Allah are from everyday life of an ordinary person.

Consequently, reading Quraan with the understanding of its meanings elevates the spiritual level of the student and helps him to greater levels of piety.

The Holy Quraan is a living miracle of Allah.

Allah has commanded all believers to understand and reflect upon the Holy Quraan. How can a man ponder on the Holy Quraan unless he understands the meaning of the Quraanic verses? For this understanding it is indispensable or at least useful for him to learn the Arabic language. The Holy Quraan is a living miracle of Allah associated with Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). It is unique in the beauty of its diction, expression and eloquence. It has a melody and symphony of its own that moved to tears even the most hard-hearted enemies of Islam.

You can understand Holy Quraan.

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