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Q. What is this course about?
Ans. This Course helps you to understand the meaning of the Holy Quraan in the most simple manner.

Q. How do I register?
Ans. Please Sign up to register for the Course. The First 2 Lessons are free. You can complete the course by referring 4 friends to QuraanicLessons.com .

Q. How do I complete the first lesson?
Ans. You have to go through the Lesson and read the Instructions at the top to help you complete it.

Q. How many marks do I require to move to the next lesson?
Ans. You need to get at least 24 marks to proceed to the next lesson.

Q. What if I am not able to score the minimum marks? (required marks to move to next lesson)
Ans. You can attempt the lesson again and try to score 24 marks.

Q. What is the duration of this course?
Ans. There is no fixed duration. You can devote as much time as you can and compete the course sooner.

Q. How much time do I have to devote to this course?
Ans. It is quite flexible in the beginning. You can finish the Lessons in less than 30 minutes. Later Lessons would require approx 60 minutes . You can access the course from anywhere around the world at any time convenient to you.

Q. Do I have to be able to read the Quraan in Arabic before I can commence the course?
Ans. Yes, you should know how to read the Quraan in Arabic to start the course. We are also going to launch a site on online tajweed lessons soon.

Q. Do I need the Holy Quraan when I am attempting the Lessons?
Ans. Not necessary but it is better if you have a copy with you or you will have to access the Quraan Online.

Q. There are how many Lessons in the Course ?
Ans. There are now all together 20 Lessons in the course inclusive of the Revision Exercises. We at the QuraanicLessons want the students to increase their proximity with the Quraan. Insha-Allah we will be adding more Excercise in the course for the benefit of the students.

Q. After Completing the Course how will it help us ?
Ans. The Main Objective of QuraanicLessons.com is to bring the students in close proximity with the Quran. After the Course the student will be able to comprehend many of the Quranic terms (words). It depends on the Student hard work and how much he can comprehend. We Pray for all the students that they increase their knowledge in the matter of the Quran and try to imply it in their Life. Which will be surely the greatest help in the hereafter.

Q. Who is the Course Coordinator of the Course ?
Ans. There Course Coordinator is Qari Saulaiman Bin Riyaadh . He has graduated from reputed Jamiah Naleemiah Islamiah University which is in Beruwala, Sri Lanka. Who is currently in Mumbai, India he is an expert translator in Arabic, Tamil and English. He is Currently busy with many Translation projects. He has also devised a simple course for Tajweed students which will be Online Soon Insha Allah.

Q. How can I invite friends for this Course?
Ans. After logging in you can click on Refer a friend and enter the name and Email address of  your friend. You can complete the course by inviting 4 friends.

 Q. I was on my 6 Lesson and now when I login. I just see 2 Lessons.

Ans. The email address you had entered have bounced and deleted by our system. So your invite's no has decreased less then 4. That's why your Lesson has been disabled. Please some friends and continue with your course.

Q. I can just see Lesson no 1. and no other Lessons ?
Ans. After you clear the Lesson 1 with 24 marks you will be able to attempt Lesson 2.

Q. How can I see my previous scores?
Ans. Please click on My Score after logging in.

* If you have any other Questions Please Contact us.

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