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The foremost aim of Quraaniclessons.com is to disseminate the knowledge of the language of the Quraan all over the world. This would promote the correct understanding of the meanings of the last Holy Book sent by the Almighty for the guidance of humanity, which is badly needed in the prevailing situation when Islam is being attacked from every angle and the faith of the new generation is endangered.

With this aim in mind we have constructed this website so that even those who have no access to traditional Maktabs/Madrassas may learn Quraanic Arabic through this specially designed course which requires the student only the ability to read the Quraan in Arabic.

The course is completely free, to cover the expenses incurred, We take advertisement  on our site. The income from the advertisement  will be  utilized  maintain and improve Quraaniclessons.com. The funds would also be utilized for designing other Islamic e-learning projects.

We Seek the Reward from Allah and His pleasure as well.

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