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Quraan Articles < click here for list Holy Quran Articles, from Quraan-ic-Lessons: to Learn the Language of the Quran.

Attraction of the QuranNEW

How to Approach the Quran NEW

Quranic Style of Storytelling

Bible VS Quran

Pondering on the Quran

Quran against Racism

Is The Quran Only For The Arabs ?
(Must Read)

Authenticity of the Quran: Another Approach 

Surely Allah is the Creator and Nourisher

7 tips for improving your relationship with the Quran

Arabic- A Key to understanding the Quran

Tawaf of Ka'ba: in line with the Cosmic Law

Prophet Jesus in the Quran

Why Was the Qur'an Revealed Over A Period of 23 Years?     

The Value of the Quran in the Eyes of Muslims     

Understanding the Uniqueness of the Quran

How does the Quran present God?

Study the Noble Quran Word-for-Word Click here for complete list of Quran Articles

 Software for Learning Arabic of the Quraan

The Quraan is the final revealed Book of Allah, that contains the message of guidance from Allah for all humankind. Welfare of the entire humanity depends upon following the guidance and understanding Quran. In other words, success in this world as well as the Hereafter for humankind is treasured in the Quraan. Therefore, it's a must for us to Learn Quran and understand it.

There are 80,000 words in the Quran but the actual words are only around 2000!!! This is one of the miracles of the Quran. Accordingly, if a reader decides to learn only 10 new words everyday, he can understand Quran within a period of seven months! So it is indeed very easy to understand the Quran, provided one is willing to learn it.

Even though there are many translations of the meanings of the Quran, they do not help the reader in linking the Arabic words to their meanings. The only purpose of the QuraanicLessons is to facilitate learning the language of the Qur’an.

QuraanicLessons is a Quran Learning Software an easy way to learn the language of the Quran, for the English speaking Muslims. Who can read but cannot understand Arabic. Its has simple Lessons to build your Arabic vocabulary

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Learning and Understanding Quraan with Quranic Software

Multi Media Learning Quran
Quran Software of the 30th ch. of Quraan in Multi media format,  multiple Qaree, Urdu Audio, English word to word & complete translation,  Multimedia Quran   on Cd: Buy now

Learning and Understanding Quraan with Quranic Software

QL with Audio
Quran Software for learning Qura'anic Arabic.

 An easy to use software for Learning Quran  QL Software on Cd: Buy Now

Learning and Understanding Quraan with Quranic Software

Combo Pack of Learning Quran Software
 consist of Multi media Quran and Quraanic Lessons with Audio Quran Software on Cd: Buy Now

Learning and Understanding Quraan with Quranic Software

Mp3 Quran of 10 Qari's
Mp3 Quran, 10 most famous Qaris of the World 10 Cds Pack
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